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Distributed Agile


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How to adopt reuse in agile development model for reducing Time to Market

Source: http://www.totallyintegratedautomation.com With increased competition to get the products out in the market, software development teams are all looking for ways to reduce the time to develop software. Reuse is one of the ways that can help to reduce the … Continue reading

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Agile developer day

Over 8 million developers worldwide are using agile practices for at least 50% of their projects based on Global Developer Population and Demographics Survey. There is big shift in way of working, when you move from waterfall development to agile … Continue reading

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Hackathon for multi team retrospective

Retrospective is one of the core concepts of agile methodologies and often one of the most neglected one not from the ritual perspective but from the effectiveness perspective and especially for distributed teams. Retrospectives in agile is intended to help … Continue reading

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