Building distributed agile team

distributed team v1


Companies decide to build team in remote location for various reasons

  • In search of talent
  • Buying companies globally
  • To cater to specific market
  • Take cost advantage


Below is the high level model for building a distributed team.


Selecting agile development partner


Partner – To check the experience of vendor in running agile projects, its also important to also talk to teams to understand their stand on agility.

Recruiting team – Recruitment is most important aspect. You should be involved in the recruitment of the team to make sure that the team is ready to adopt agility and some of the team members have experience in technical practices such as Refactoring, Test driven development, Automated Testing.

Agile coach – Local agile coach, who can coach the team on management and technical practices.

Knowledge Transition – There are multiple models of knowledge transition to distributed teams. Either onshore or remote team members should travel to other location for the knowledge transition and it also helps to integrate the distributed teams.

Scaling Team – Its a good idea to start with small teams(few teams) and then scale it after the initial set of teams are stabilized.

Working with distributed teams will require patience and effort from both the ends to make it successful.


About aslamhirani

I am working from last 19+ years in areas of Product development, agile coaching, software R&D process consulting. I have been working in agile development model from last 10 years and coaching agile teams from last 6 years in areas of agile assessment, agile adoption, agile transformation, agile scaling, distributed agile development and agile competency development. I work with software R&D organizations to help them improve their effectiveness and efficiency with reuse, process improvement in development and testing, competency development, innovation in R&D, collaboration improvement across teams, automating devops and so on
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