Companies need to invest in learning to succeed


New Technologies are emerging and companies are adopting new business models to respond to changes in technologies, market demands, customer behavior.Disruption is becoming a normal word in the industry.

Companies want the professionals working with them to learn the new technologies, skills and should adopt to new way of working and respond faster to the changing needs.

Professionals working or planning to working in these areas will have adopt the mantra – “unlearn , learn and relearn”.

Has way of learning changed, Oh yes and a lot.

Learning is changing from just going to colleges or full time classes to learning by reading news, books, watching videos and presentation, enrolling for online/offline courses, attending events, hackathons and conferences.


Its vital that every professional should devote time for learning.

To encourage continuous learning, companies  could

  1. Enable to employees/teams to setup focus groups
  2. Bring experts from outside so teams get new perspective and understand what other companies/teams are doing
  3. Provide access to learning materials(paid material available in market)
  4. provide 5-15% of time to be invest in trying out new ideas (Accountable – not forcing every idea to succeed)
  5. Provide ways for employees to interact with members outside the team(lunch with random people from organization, mentor-ship)
  6. Arrange events, hackathons within organization(aligning to company’s/project/team goals)


Happy Learning 🙂


About aslamhirani

I am working from last 19+ years in areas of Product development, agile coaching, software R&D process consulting. I have been working in agile development model from last 10 years and coaching agile teams from last 6 years in areas of agile assessment, agile adoption, agile transformation, agile scaling, distributed agile development and agile competency development. I work with software R&D organizations to help them improve their effectiveness and efficiency with reuse, process improvement in development and testing, competency development, innovation in R&D, collaboration improvement across teams, automating devops and so on
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