Agile developer day

Over 8 million developers worldwide are using agile practices for at least 50% of their projects based on Global Developer Population and Demographics Survey.

There is big shift in way of working, when you move from waterfall development to agile development. Lets look at how the agile developers spends his day.

The day of an agile developer unfolds with planning for the day, which involves recalling on whats left in the plate from last work day and planning the task(s) that can be accomplished during the day. This planning also helps to prepare the short udpate( 1. What has been accomplished from yesterday, 2. What is planned for today ,3. Any impediments) that  needs to be shared during the scrum meeting with the entire team.

Every developer needs to understand that they are the owner of the task(s) they pick and they are accountable to deliver them. They need to raise any impediment, which prevents them to complete the task. They should not wait for the next scrum meeting to talk about their impediments.

Once the developer picks up the task, he/she would use test driven development approach to write the code, continuously refactor the code to maintain the quality of code. He would have the eyes and brain of his pair to provide ideas and keep tab on quality of the code.

After the code is build successfully in local environment, the code is checked-in into the version control. Continuous Integration server is waiting for this moment and it grabs the entire code to make sure that the checked-in code does not break existing application

Continuous integration server helps to provide instant feedback on checked-in code so that we can rest assure, before leaving home that we have not broken the system and show can go on.

Agile developer's day v1

Its satisfying to see the quality product output getting unfolded with every task being completed by the scrum team members.

I have also found the pomodoro technique very useful for work to be done during the development period of the day.


About aslamhirani

I am working from last 19+ years in areas of Product development, agile coaching, software R&D process consulting. I have been working in agile development model from last 10 years and coaching agile teams from last 6 years in areas of agile assessment, agile adoption, agile transformation, agile scaling, distributed agile development and agile competency development. I work with software R&D organizations to help them improve their effectiveness and efficiency with reuse, process improvement in development and testing, competency development, innovation in R&D, collaboration improvement across teams, automating devops and so on
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2 Responses to Agile developer day

  1. Darpan Lalani says:

    Very good post. Its very useful as well.

  2. Savitha Venukrishnan says:

    Good one !! Will really benefit developers moving from waterfall to Agile.

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